Finding Your Niche

You know, one of the hardest things about working online ... especially for those who are attempting to make money with it ... is finding a niche (ie, topic or group of topics) that you're passionate about.

Too many people make the mistake of trying to write about making money.

... not realizing that unless you're already making good money, and have useful information to share, this is a very, very hard way to put extra cash in your pocket.

Another mistake that people sometimes make is to choose an overly broad topic, that they may only have a passing interest in. Believe me when I tell you, this can actually make it harder to come up with interesting things to say ... especially if you have even a hint of a perfectionist streak.

So, what's the best solution?

To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure I'm yet qualified to offer up that advice. I've spent over a year blogging, and I've just recently discovered my own personal "niche" ... a subject in which I actually look forward to sharing a new post every day ... as opposed to stressing about what I'm going to write .

My passion is pictures.

What is yours?

Can you make it "your niche"?

... it's something to think about.



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