Banana Bird Eating a Mango

When I was searching for a house here in Iroquois point, one of the things that attracted me to this one was the big mango tree out in the back yard. The fruit is just coming into season again. Besides the obvious, being able to walk into my back yard and pick fresh mangos, one of the things I most enjoy about the tree is the wildlife it attracts.


One day I looked out back, and I had a mongoose, and about 10 different species of birds having a feast in my yard. I didn't grab my camera quickly enough to get a picture of the mongoose. But this little green guy, which my friends and I used to call "Banana Birds" when I was a kid, was having a nice little meal just outside the sliding glass door.

This is today's Hawaii Picture of the day.



  1. Big mango tree? When I lived on 102nd street as a child we had a big mango tree in our backyard. I loved it. I've been told that it's gone now. The roots go under the lanai. I ate mango on my corn flakes, mango bread, sliced mangos, mangos off the ground if they weren't covered with bees and gave extra to the mailman. You're so fortunate to be living there. It's my favorite place.

    I'm in South Carolina and can buy mango at the grocery store. They try to sell them green. I know to smell them first. It still isn't the same as a warm one from our yard.

    My mom and I read your site a lot. We love the pictures. I'd love to see one of your house. I know the neighborhood has changed a lot since I was there in 1983. My house used to be 6452A 102nd street and later, on a second tour we lived at 6266A Ibis Ave. Was I lucky or what to have lived there twice.



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