Striking the Right Balance Between Family and Business

Are you one of those people who will do Whatever It Takes to succeed in your business?

boy_at_window Do you spend hours at a time on the computer?

Ever caught yourself saying you're "too busy" to help your kids with their homework, or play a game, because you have "one more phone call to make"?

Which is more exciting to you ... answering email from a "hot prospect", or going to dinner and a movie with your "hot" spouse / significant other?

How often do you go to bed at night feeling guilty that you haven't worked "hard enough"?

In short ...

Are you more focused on Dreaming about the life you Want, at the expense of Living the life you Have?

Don't get me wrong, I love having a part-time business, and I'm very much in favor of making lots and lots of money. But ...

There's more to measuring Success than just counting up the number of zeros in your bank account.

If you ever find yourself getting to the point where your family (and possibly even your friends) are not your First priority in life, it might just be an indication that it's time re-examine your priorities.

It's kind of ironic actually ...

Most people, when asked why they started a home based business, will reflexively reply "To Spend More Time With My Family".

... even as they devote almost all of their "free" time to the never ending pursuit of the almighty dollar.

The sad part is, I don't think it has to be this way.

One of my favorite motto's when it comes to building a successful home bused business has always been ...

If you're not Having FuN, you're not Doing it Right

I don't know about you, but if I ever get to the point where spending time with my family and friends isn't my idea of FuN, I've got way bigger problems than not having enough zeros in the bank account.

So, Honest assessment time ...

Are you currently finding a good balance between building your business and spending quality time with the people who are important in your life? And if so, what are some of your "secrets"?

Til next time,


  1. Finding a good balance between work/blogging and family hasn't really been a problem for me, as I always keep in mind that my family is my first priority. I firmly believe that not posting every day, not following the recommendations of bloggers who say it is absolutely necessary to post daily in order to be successful, has done much to keep the balance.

    Spending quality time with my family, children and husband and other relatives, also gives me ideas of things to write about (although I do it without naming names) that has been appreciated by many readers who deal with the same type crap Stuff as I do. :)

    Lin's last blog post..Top 10 List of Favorite Links

  2. Hi Lin,

    Oh yea, I can definitely agree with your first point. There was certainly a time when I tried to stick to the whole "post often and regular" thing. But now, I pretty much just make a post when I have something to say. And if I choose to spend a night watching tv with my wife instead, I don't feel the least bit guilty about it. :)

  3. I really don't spend that much time blogging, but I spend much time writing - I always have. My business goals are really to become a published author. I have 3 books I am working on now, which are taking years to write. Having said that, I never let it get in the way of my family or friends. What's funny is that I carry a notebook with me 24-7 no matter where I go because I run across ideas in the strangest places - my friends and family are used to my quirky But yeah, loving what you do and having fun with it can only help success. All work isn't meant to be pure drudgery.

    Your blog looks great, I really love this template!

    Bobby Revell's last blog post..The Waffle House Massacre

  4. Hey Bobby,

    Since I've been blogging, I actually spend way more time reading on the computer than I used to ... it's something I need to watch, or it can easily get out of control. I've heard the suggestion of carrying a notebook around from several people. I suppose it's something I should probably try ... I'm sure it would help me come up with more posts, with less actual time spent in front of the computer.

    As for the blog design ... glad you like it. I've posted before, I'm a bit of a theme junkie. This one was a paid theme (just $75 though), so hopefully it will be a bit longer before I get bored with it. I actually updated all three of my main blogs (,, and this one) with this template, but different color schemes.

    I'm developing a pretty good basic understanding of CSS and PHP ... who knows, maybe if I can find some time to do a bit more in depth learning, I might be able to pop out a few custom themes of my own one day.

    I appreciate you stopping by ... catch up with you again soon.


  5. new zealand tourismMarch 30, 2008 at 12:18 PM

    I have to admit I was terrible at living the life I wish I could as opposed to the one I have. A nasty divorce made me see the error of my ways and I have made a concisous effort to be a better more in the now person.

  6. Secrets of SuccessApril 1, 2008 at 7:13 PM

    FUN is definitely a key factor.

    If you're not having FUN, your businesses probably aren't doing as well as they could be.

    Having more fun may just result in making more money.

    It did for me. I used to be a workaholic. Now I try to work as LITTLE as possible, while making as much as possible.

    Get away from the office and refresh your mind - and you'll be much more creative and productive when you come back.

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  8. as if the military hasn't already thrown your family life out of kilter?...


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