Skate Boarding at Hickam Skate Park

One our favorite places on the whole Island to spend a Sunday afternoon is the Hickam Skateboard park.

My 15 year old son Justin is pretty good. He's been skating for almost 7 years now. We try to get down to the Hickam skateboard park as often as we can. And of course, I always bring my camera.

The park is open in the evenings 6 days a week, and the prices are very reasonable. It's either $5 a day, or if you buy a yearly pass for $20, it's only $3 a day. There's always some sort of supervision, so provided that kids aren't under 10, it's even ok to leave them at the park, and come back for them when they're done. It is on base though, so you'll need to either have a military ID card, or have someone sponsor you through the gate if you want to skate this park.

In addition to the two big bowls, there's also a street course, and even full-pipe under construction. These are not your average backyard cheap skateboard ramps.




Of course, Justin isn't happy unless he's doing some sort of flying tricks ...




After we got home, and I started editing pictures, a quick google search even let me find a site where I could make an animated gif of one of his jumps (requested for his myspace page):

skateboard chair jump

Fortunately we haven't had any broken bones or other major accidents at the skateboard park. But, that doesn't mean that he always lands every trick ...


Aloha til next time ...



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