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Skate Boarding at Hickam Skate Park

One our favorite places on the whole Island to spend a Sunday afternoon is the Hickam Skateboard park. My 15 year old son Justin is pretty good. He's been skating for almost 7 years now. We try to get down to the Hickam skateboard park as often as we can. And of course, I always bring my camera. The park is open in the evenings 6 days a week, and the prices are very reasonable. It's either $5 a day, or if you buy a yearly pass for $20, it's only $3 a day. There's always some sort of supervision, so provided that kids aren't under 10, it's even ok to leave them at the park, and come back for them when they're done. It is on base though, so you'll need to either have a military ID card, or have someone sponsor you through the gate if you want to skate this park. In addition to the two big bowls, there's also a street course, and even full-pipe under construction. These are not your average backyard cheap skateboard ramps. Of course, Justin isn&#

Hawaii Volcano Eruptions

photo credit: SF Brit It's an exciting time to live in Hawaii. The Kilauea volcano over on the Big Island started spewing smoke and ash over the past couple of weeks. This is the most active that the volcano has been in the past 25 years. I definitely plan to get over to the Island of Hawaii sometime in the next couple of months to take a few pictures of my own. But in the mean time, I just made a new friend on Blog Catalog , who has a website all about Volcanoes. Check it out: Hawaii Volcano Guide . Aloha til next time ... Todd

Striking the Right Balance Between Family and Business

Are you one of those people who will do Whatever It Takes to succeed in your business? Do you spend hours at a time on the computer? Ever caught yourself saying you're "too busy" to help your kids with their homework, or play a game, because you have "one more phone call to make"? Which is more exciting to you ... answering email from a "hot prospect", or going to dinner and a movie with your "hot" spouse / significant other? How often do you go to bed at night feeling guilty that you haven't worked "hard enough"? In short ... Are you more focused on Dreaming about the life you Want, at the expense of Living the life you Have? Don't get me wrong, I love having a part-time business, and I'm very much in favor of making lots and lots of money. But ... There's more to measuring Success than just counting up the number of zeros in your bank account . If you ever find yourself getting to the point where your family (a

The Power of Rewarding Yourself

Goal Setting is Easy photo credit: Kamal H. ... it's achieving goals where many of us tend to run into problems. Why do you suppose that is? Do we set unrealistic goals? Do we not try hard enough? Maybe we're not always totally honest about what we really want? These are all possible roadblocks. But, I think the #1 Reason that People Don't Achieve Their Goals is ... We spend way too much time Beating Ourselves Up . You know how it is. You get to the end of the day, and look back at your "to do" list, and our natural instinct is to immediately start looking for all the ways that we were either not good enough , or just plain not enough . If you're anything like me, on any given day, these "nots" are all to easy too find. But, is all this Negative Focus doing us any Good? If we go to bed every night, Knowing that we haven't even achieved All of our short-term goals for the day; over time, what do you suppose that's going to do to our mo

Your Product or Service IS your Funded Proposal

Are "Funded Proposals" a good way to build your network marketing business? We've all seen them out there ... "Systems" that purport to teach you a "better" way of sponsoring, and thereby building your network marketing business. The underlying premise of most of these "programs" is that your sponsor and/or or anyone else who is successfully building a business is somehow "lying to you" about the "best" way for You to get to where they are. Shocking as it may seem (sarcasm intended), the ultimate solution presented by each of these systems is that you should: Purchase their ebook Join their affiliate program Use their affiliate page as your primary means of promotion Then attempt to "back-end" your affiliate customers into your "primary" mlm program Call me silly, but I just don't get it? I was always taught that one of the keys to a building viable network marketing program is that we alr

Whale Watching In Hawaii

On Thursday the 28th of February my daughter's elementary school went on the best field trip of the year! We went on a two hour Whale Watching cruise off the coast of Honolulu. At 9 am we boarded the Navatek I, which is docked in the Harbor near Aloha Tower. It only took about 15-20 minutes to reach our destination about 1/2 a mile out from Sand Island at the entrance to Honolulu Harbor. When the first spray from a blow hole was spotted, everybody found a good spot on the observation decks, and got their cameras ready. The first real glimpse of what we came to see was the fluke of an adult Humpback Whale, just a couple hundred yards off shore, with downtown Honolulu, and Aloha Tower in the background. It was only a few minutes later that the real fun started. A Baby Humpback Whale ... possibly the calf of the adult who's tail we'd just seen ... started jumping out of the water. Over the course of the next hour, this particular baby whale breached over 50 times. The kid