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The Power of Rewarding Yourself

Goal Setting is Easy photo credit: Kamal H. ... it's achieving goals where many of us tend to run into problems. Why do you suppose that is? Do we set unrealistic goals? Do we not try hard enough? Maybe we're not always totally honest about what we really want? These are all possible roadblocks. But, I think the #1 Reason that People Don't Achieve Their Goals is ... We spend way too much time Beating Ourselves Up . You know how it is. You get to the end of the day, and look back at your "to do" list, and our natural instinct is to immediately start looking for all the ways that we were either not good enough , or just plain not enough . If you're anything like me, on any given day, these "nots" are all to easy too find. But, is all this Negative Focus doing us any Good? If we go to bed every night, Knowing that we haven't even achieved All of our short-term goals for the day; over time, what do you suppose that's going to do to our moti