Focus On What you Already Have, to Get More of What You Want

Do you have Goals, Dreams, Ambitions?


Of course you do ... we all do.

The eternal question for most of us, is how to go about obtaining more of the things we desire.

I think one of the keys, is to spend a bit of time focusing on what we already have ... things that we're thankful for.

When I write on my dream board, two of the questions I like to ask myself are: "what I am thankful for today?", and "what do I like about myself today?".

Setting myself up with positive questions, helps to ensure that when I set my goals, I'm actually asking for what I want ... as opposed to hoping not to have so much of what I don't want.

I recently reacquainted myself with this concept when it comes to building my part-time candle business ...

I'm extremely fortunate to have a nice sized group of people in my downline. However, most of them are with me as either a direct, or indirect result of work that I did 3 or 4 years ago.

Now, even though I consider myself a "successful" networker; over the past couple of years, I have to admit that I've definitely experienced some periods of difficutly when it comes to bringing new people into my business.

Then I remembered how I built my group in the first place ...

Even way back when it was just myself, Cille, and a few others, I spent the majority of my time focused on helping those who were already in my group build their business. The funny thing is, while I was doing this, I never had a shortage of people who were contacting me asking for information.

Ironically, the only times I've really struggled when it comes to sponsoring new people, are are the periods when I've actively focused on looking for them.

It makes much more sense to simply focus on what we already have ... and "let" more of what we want come to us via the power of attraction.

So ... where is your focus today?

Is it on what you Want?, or what you Have?


Update: I submitted this post as part of Don's Group Writing Project at Making Sales Making Money. Already several other good articles there ... well worth checking out.


  1. Hi Todd, just wanted to drop in and say hello since I've been somewhat scarce in the blogging world as of late. Hope all is well. :)

    Good post on the importance of having focus, btw. It is essential to have it in order to achieve your goals, both-short term and long-term.

    Shine on,

    Aaron Cook's last blog post..I Am Thesaurus - A Beatles Parody

  2. Hey Aaron,

    Thanks buddy! I know what you mean about being "scarce" ... but sometimes it's better to blog when you actually have something to say ... rather than just trying to keep up with some artificial schedule.

    Keep havin FuN!


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