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I Am A Proud Network Marketer

It seems like I do this every couple of months ... It's time to step back again and reassess my entrepreneurial endeavors. For the past couple of months (maybe longer), I've been approaching my online activities from the perspective of a Blogger, who happens to have a Network Marketing business. I think this approach has been totally backwards. The simple fact is, when it comes to how I earn extra money; it would really be much more accurate to describe myself as a Relatively Successful Network Marketer ... who also happens to have started a few Blogs . The problem with this backwards approach is that while blogging is fun, and interesting, and I'm meeting some great new people, it's definitely taken away some (or maybe even a lot) of focus from building my business . Ultimately, I expect that my blogs are going to be an asset when it comes to building my network marketing business. After all, blogging is a great way to meet people who may want to know, like and tru

Hawaii Sunrise Over Wheeler Army Airfield

It's not always fun to get up at "O' Dark Thirty" in the morning to go to work. But occasionally, I do enjoy the beautiful Hawaiian scenery that we enjoy even up here at Wheeler. In this picture, the sun is rising over the Ko'olau mountains, reflecting off the clouds and the helicopters in the foreground.

I'd Like to See Obama Win the Hawaii Caucus

I'm pretty much middle of the road when it comes to politics. I honestly haven't 100% decided yet who I'll most likely vote for in November. Even though I live here, I'm not a Hawaii resident, so I won't be voting tomorrow. But, I thought this would be good opportunity to offer my opinion of the two remaining Democrats. In making a choice between these two candidates, I think it's first important to define how you view the job of the President of the United States ... Is the President primarily our chief executive? ... the person who "runs" the country. Or ... Is the President primarily the Leader of our country (and the world)? In this context, the contrast between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton is actually pretty clear. From a purely administrative point of view, I wholeheartedly agree with Hillary Clinton when she says that she's the one who's most prepared to assume the job of President from day one. She is clearly a smart lady, who

Bellows Beach

This is the first post in series I intend to do on Hawaii Beaches . For me, the best place to start is with the one that I know best ... I've been going to Bellows since I was 8 years old. When my dad was stationed at Hickam AFB in the late 70s, we used to drive to Bellows every weekend. That was back before the H-3 opened, so most of the time we'd take the Pali Hwy ... and sometimes even stop off at the Pali Lookout. A real treat was when on the way home, we'd go the long way around Makapuu Point, where we'd stop to see the Blow Hole, and dream about our next visit to Sea Life Park. Not much has changed these days (other than it being a little shorter drive to get there). My kids love getting the chance to go to Bellows. Bellows Air Force Station is located on the North East shore of Oahu near the town of Waimanalo. There are two sections of beach. One that is open to the public on the weekends. And further down, one that requires a military ID card to enter.

Focus On What you Already Have, to Get More of What You Want

Do you have Goals, Dreams, Ambitions? Of course you do ... we all do. The eternal question for most of us, is how to go about obtaining more of the things we desire . I think one of the keys, is to spend a bit of time focusing on what we already have ... things that we're thankful for. When I write on my dream board , two of the questions I like to ask myself are: "what I am thankful for today?", and "what do I like about myself today?". Setting myself up with positive questions, helps to ensure that when I set my goals, I'm actually asking for what I want ... as opposed to hoping not to have so much of what I don't want. I recently reacquainted myself with this concept when it comes to building my part-time candle business ... I'm extremely fortunate to have a nice sized group of people in my downline. However, most of them are with me as either a direct, or indirect result of work that I did 3 or 4 years ago. Now, even though I consider myself a

Best Pizza in Hawaii

I know that's kind of a subjective statement. Everybody has their favorite kind of Pizza ... and their favorite places to get it from. There are many good pizza places here in Hawaii. But, by far our favorite place to get a slice here in Ewa Beach is Boston's Pizza. They have a wide variety of pizza, subs, strombolli, wings, salads and even desserts. The pies are quite big too. Two large pizza's easily feed our family of six ... usually with left overs. I'm not sure if this applies to all the Boston's Pizza places here in Hawaii, but at the Ewa Beach store, they always give us coupons ever time we order. That one on the bottom left, 2 Two Topping Pizzas fro $26.99 saves us about $14 over what rings up on the register. Be sure to tell them you have a coupon when you call to order. So, what's your favorite pizza place here on Oahu?