Why we Didn't Drink on New Year's Eve

first baby picture

Between my 3 kids, and Ana's 2 ... this new one will officially qualify us as the "Brady Bunch" :-)

Keep havin FuN!


  1. That's adorable.

    It was very wise not to drink on new years. Many people will have similar photos a few months from now because they drank too much on new years..

    Anyway congratulations and I hope you and your family have a prosperous 2008!

    Garg the Unzola's last blog post..Fidelity on High

  2. Whoohooo! Congratulations man! Problem is...I already cornered the market on the "brady bunch" moniker. :)


    Lin's last blog post..Zero Tolerance for Disrespectful, Cussing Kids

  3. Hi Lin,

    Thanks .. lol, ok I won't take the "Brady Bunch" from you ... I still can't believe I have so many kids anyway



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