5 Reasons to Start a Local Niche Blog Today

Have you started a blog about your local area yet?

Mine is just a little over a week old; and so far, I really love writing about Hawaii.

Plus, I've discovered a few hidden benefits, that are helping me break out of my recent "blogging funk". See if you can relate to any of these ...


5 Reasons You Should Start a Local Blog Today:

  1. It's Very easy to come up with new things to write about. Most of us have interesting news, events, and scenes happening all around us every day.

  2. Your readers are more likely to encounter something "unique". Unlike with the echo chamber of blogs about blogging, or "making money online", depending on how large your community is, you may be one of only a few (or possibly even the only) bloggers writing about your subjects.

  3. May be easier to get search engine traffic. As I said, after only a couple of days, I'm already having people find my specific posts on the search engines.

  4. It provides you a good excuse to get out in your local community. Meet your neighbors, and explore all the great things that your city or town has to offer.

  5. And last but not least ... It Gets You OFF The Computer !!!! (sometimes blogging can easily take over your life if you're not careful)

Keep havin FuN!


  1. I think it's difficult for people in my industry to branch out and be unique; I'm referring here to Mortgage Lenders.

    But REALTOR®'s on the other hand are fairly fortunate! A local neighborhood gives you tons to be unique about! Why? Because it's a different place and market than the one a city over!

    Anyway, I just wanted to give credit and support to the idea!

  2. I've thought about starting a local niche blog, but what is there to do in Plano Texas? Nothin! LOL Just kidding. Seriously though, perhaps after I've gotten my dental blog up and running well, perhaps that will be my next train stop. :)

    Lin's last blog post..Why Are Women So Strange and Men So Weird?

  3. Hi Lin,

    LOL, that's how it starts. Just a couple of months ago, I was going to focus on just one blog. Then I met Vic and Court. Now I'm back up to 4 blogs ... plus I just bought BANS, and set up 4 "stores" last night.

    At least with your blogs, I think you're going down the right path. It sounds like all of them are focused on subjects you're interested in. If you do that local blog, it's relatively easy to come up with stuff to write about ... and like I said above, it gives you a great excuse to get up off the computer, and out in your community.

    Keep havin FuN!

  4. Hi Ricardo,

    Thanks for the support. As far as your comments ... hmmm, it sounds to me like writing a local real estate blog would be almost fit for a mortgage lender. (people who buy houses need mortgages).

    Just a thought,

  5. This is a great idea Todd! I have already started research to do a similar blog as your blog about Hawaii. I have such little time, but if I start now, I can have a unique local blog done in a few months.

    Bobby Revell's last blog post..The New World Order - Zeitgeist

  6. Hi Bobby,

    I can certainly relate to the "having so little time", lol. I believe I remember reading somewhere that you're on the Mississippi gulf coast? If so, I can imagine you'll have plenty to blog about. The casinos provide plenty of "real time" events. Plus, I know that there's still so many stories about the Hurricane recovery that most of us don't hear nearly enough about. I lived in Biloxi for about a year in the mid 90s when i was going to weather forecaster school at Keesler AFB.

    Catch up with you again soon,

  7. [...] new buddy Todd Morris wrote 5 Reasons to Start a Local Niche Blog Today, which really is a great idea. Chances are, there probably aren’t enough good sites about [...]

  8. Covington NeighborhoodMay 18, 2008 at 3:43 PM

    I got the idea from Vic about a local blog too. I am planning to spend more time going to events in my area and it won't just benefit my blog readers, but my 3 year old daughter too. I look forward to taking her to more of the school sports games and local events in our area.

    We will be going to one of the local HS trade shows next week. I actually participated in it back when I was in HS and now I can't wait to bring my daughter, get some free stuff(I passed out Ben and Jerry's ice cream when I did it.) and take some pictures to share with the community.


  9. Hi Stephanie,

    You hit right on the most important point of my post. As bloggers, the "to do" list is never ending. If we're not careful, it's quite easy to spend an inordinate amount of time sitting in front of this silly little box. Having a local niche blog necessitates that you get up, get out, and live life ... at least a couple of hours a week.

    Have fun at the trade show :-)


  10. Actually speaking, I am intrigued by you’re the 4th reason. Did you begin your post for these as well because only if somebody experienced this, he or she is able to give us such an excellent post!


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