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Military Physical Training Workout

One of the best things about being assigned to an Army Support unit is that we get to do PT (Physical Training) pretty much every day of the week. I thought it might be interesting to post an outline of the Exercise Program that we do 2-3 days a week up at Wheeler. We call this the Knipe workout (named after SMSgt Knipe who was the superintendent of the 25 ASOS when I first got there). It's also affectionately known the ab killer . You'll definitely feel it the next day. For each of the exercises, I'll try to find a good link or two that gives directions on how to do it. We pretty much always start the morning with a 3-6 mile run (or 45 minutes, which ever comes first). Once we meet back up and get a little water , we have 10 minutes or so of stretching , either individually, or as a group. After we're done stretching, it's on to the fun stuff; 20-30 minutes of strength exercises ... The first exercise on the PT field is always the Push-Up ... we do 10 by

Eats Poop and Sleeps

Ever seen that book with the panda on the cover? Well, I had one of those moments the other day ... My step-son Johnathan brought one of his friends in the house, and for some reason their first stop is always over at the crib to look at his new little sister Jaiden. As they walked away from the crib, they asked " how come whenever we come in the house, she's never awake ?" Well, me wanting to be the knowledgeable and informative dad, proceed to tell them ... "She's only a couple of days old, pretty much all she does is eat poop and sleep ." Now, I'm pretty sure Jeff wasn't serious, but his timing sure was pretty good. He immediately scrunched up his face, looked straight at me, and in a dead serious tone of voice said ... "Ewwww ... she eats poop????" lol, ugh, kids. So that was my lesson in punctuation. From now on, I know that when describing a typical day for my 5 day old daughter, I will be sure to clearly states that she Eats (com

Smile Therapy

Did you know that it's virtually impossible to hold a negative thought while you're smiling ? Go ahead, try it ... Put a big ole smile on your face (even it's one of those fake ones); then try to think about something that really upsets or worries you. It wasn't easy, was it ? " Ok, Todd, that's interesting, but why is this something I should know ?", you may be asking yourself. Because, if in our little experiment, you had a hard time holding a negative thought while smiling; do you think it's possible that smiling might help to change your thoughts at times when that negativity is already there? ... letting you get back to using your brain for more productive activities . Give it a go next time you're upset, angry or worried. Force yourself to put a big grin on your face, and don't stop until you're thinking about something happy . (or at least not unhappy). Have fun with it :-D Todd p.s. what are some other good ways that you'

Unique Business Ideas

So I'm watching CNN very early this morning, and they were interviewing a couple who run a very unique business ... It's a dog poop clean up service. I almost laughed, until they started talking about where their business is at now. They currently have franchises in over 40 territories, and revenue of about $60 Million What I really loved was how the guy came up with the idea for the business ... He was stuck in traffic, and was trying to come up with an idea for a business that he and his wife could start. He remembered how much he didn't like cleaning up after his dogs when he was younger, and figured many people might feel the same way. He said several time during the interview that if you can find something that people don't like doing, but that needs to be done , there might be a good business opportunity. Makes sense to me. Todd

Todds (better than Dennys) Egg and Potato Skillet

Ok, it may not look pretty, (I've never been to cooking school) but boy does it taste good. Today, I thought I'd try something different and share a quick and easy recipe. I do a lot of the cooking for our family, and one of my favorite meals is "breakfast for dinner" ... and one of my favorite "dinner breakfasts" is my (Better than Dennys) Potato and Egg Skillet . Here's what you'll need to make it: A large frying pan or electric skillet Oil ... I used macadamia nut oil tonight 6-9 eggs 4 small potatoes 1 small onion Ham or Bacon 2 tomatoes Shredded cheddar cheese I start out with the pan on low heat, and add a couple of tablespoons of oil. Wash and cut the potatoes into cubes and chop the onion. Add both to the pan, and turn up the heat. Use a spatula to stir/turn over occasionally. Season to your taste with salt, pepper, Italian seasoning, and even a little bit of garlic if you like. If you cover the pan, it will cook a little

The Root of Happiness

"True Happiness is not Having what you Want ... it's Wanting what you Have" I've always loved that quote. ... mainly because of the simple truth behind it. Obviously, I'm a big fan of goal setting. And I have nothing at all against the desire to achieve "more and better". But ... If you ever let your happiness depend on getting something that you don't have yet, you're probably dooming yourself to a pretty unfulfilled life. Being able to honestly appreciate the gifts we already have in our life is always the necessary first step to attracting "more and better". Are you Wanting what you Have today?

The Power of Rewarding Yourself

Goal Setting is Easy photo credit: Kamal H. ... it's achieving goals where many of us tend to run into problems. Why do you suppose that is? Do we set unrealistic goals? Do we not try hard enough? Maybe we're not always totally honest about what we really want? These are all possible roadblocks. But, I think the #1 Reason that People Don't Achieve Their Goals is ... We spend way too much time Beating Ourselves Up . You know how it is. You get to the end of the day, and look back at your "to do" list, and our natural instinct is to immediately start looking for all the ways that we were either not good enough , or just plain not enough . If you're anything like me, on any given day, these "nots" are all to easy too find. But, is all this Negative Focus doing us any Good? If we go to bed every night, Knowing that we haven't even achieved All of our short-term goals for the day; over time, what do you suppose that's going to do to our moti

Bellows Beach

This is the first post in series I intend to do on Hawaii Beaches . For me, the best place to start is with the one that I know best ... I've been going to Bellows since I was 8 years old. When my dad was stationed at Hickam AFB in the late 70s, we used to drive to Bellows every weekend. That was back before the H-3 opened, so most of the time we'd take the Pali Hwy ... and sometimes even stop off at the Pali Lookout. A real treat was when on the way home, we'd go the long way around Makapuu Point, where we'd stop to see the Blow Hole, and dream about our next visit to Sea Life Park. Not much has changed these days (other than it being a little shorter drive to get there). My kids love getting the chance to go to Bellows. Bellows Air Force Station is located on the North East shore of Oahu near the town of Waimanalo. There are two sections of beach. One that is open to the public on the weekends. And further down, one that requires a military ID card to enter.

Picture of Hawaii Rainbow over Diamond Head

I've written in the past about some of the Prices of Living in Paradise, such as hawaii traffic jams . But then, I catch a day where the drive home includes a view like you see above (and the cool part is, it's really pretty common). This picture was taken at the beach about 10 minutes from my house in Iroquois Point. It's a nice relaxing place to go, with palm trees, and nice view of Diamond Head . Definitely makes me feel "Lucky Live Hawaii". :)

Aerial Picture Above Diamond Head

I took this picture from the window of a C-26 on the way back from a trip to the Big Island of Hawaii. I liked the way the light was hitting Diamond Head. You can also see all the hotels, and the beaches along Waikiki and Ala Mona.

Doesn't Anybody Stop at Crosswalks Anymore?

We're barely halfway through the first month of 2008, and there have already been 3 pedestrian fatalities here on the Island of Oahu. Apparently, these accidents are not always the driver's fault . But, with the weather being so good here in Hawaii, we have so many people walking that our pedestrian problems get magnified. I will tell you one thing I've noticed (both here in Hawaii, and pretty much everywhere else I've lived in the past 10 years or so), Everybody is in Such A Hurry . I know when I was younger, one thing I was taught about driving is that a person in the crosswalk has the right of way ... ie, cars should yield at a crosswalk. Well, if you've ever tried to cross a street lately, this concept is laughable. I've had people look right at me, and actually speed up instead of stopping. Even worse than that, when I've been in my car, and stopped at a crosswalk to let pedestrians go, I'm not kidding you, cars have tried to go around me ... i

Hawaii Mountain Sunset

The sun setting over the mountains near Kailua Bay, on the Island of Oahu. p.s. if you'd like information about how to obtain the full resolution version of any of my images, please drop me a message through my Contact Form