Linking to some new friends from MyBlogLog


For this week's links, I thought it might be interesting to highlight a few posts from some of my contacts on MyBlogLog.

  1. Gary Pool has 5 posts so far in a series called top 10 seo tips and tricks

  2. Aaron Cook spreads a little hump day humor; Monty Python meets Star Wars

  3. Lin from Telling it Like it is made a post of links to the best tips for creating content others will want to read

  4. Andy Bailey from FiddyP wrote a detailed review of his new skype phone ... although I suspect this probably works better in Europe where they have good wi-fi networks.

  5. Fred Peters from Newest on the Net shares the top 10 most popular facebook applications (if/when I decide to actually start using my facebook profile this link will come in handy)

  6. And finally Making Sales, Making Money is searching for significance online

Happy ready, hope you find these articles useful and interesting.

Till next week...


  1. You're both very welcome for the links. lol, and Fred if I had known you were going to have such kind words for me, I would have linked to you much sooner.

    Thanks right back at ya :)

  2. Hi Todd! Thank you very much for the link to that post! I'm happy you appreciated the suggestions and links provided.


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