I Won the Wii Domain Name Contest


Last week I wrote about how we're getting a Nintendo Wii for Christmas, and that David Peralty at Extra For Every Publisher was running a contest where he was giving away a couple of Wii related domain names.

Well, today I got an email letting me know that I won one of Wii domain names! Thanks David.

I'm now the proud owner of WiiWe.com (or at least I will be once the transfer goes through)

Now the real fun begins ...

Any suggestions on the best way to develop a (profitable) site around this domain?

lol, maybe I should run a contest of my own.

Keep havin FuN!


  1. AWESOME! w00t! You go boy! And all the other stuff we shout when we're excited!

    NEENZ's last blog post..Power of the PEAple

  2. lol ... thanks for the support ... this why I love Hawaii ... the aloha spirit lives :)

  3. congratulations! I was considering starting a blog for my friends' son to write reviews of his Wii games and add some tradedoubler et al adverts on there.
    shame he's thought it sounded too much like homework though :(

    Andy Bailey's last blog post..How To Successfully Interrupt A Conversation

  4. Hi Andy,

    I'm not sure how "involved" I want to make this new project (in the beginning anyway). But, once it's established, if I do decide to add a blog with regular content, the biggest beneficiary may be my 10 year old step son ... I'm thinking about opening a rental account, and telling him he can rent as many games as he wants, as long as he agrees to let me video him playing, and then giving his "review".

  5. that's a great idea. I started a blogspot blog for xbox 360 gameplay videos, I only put a few up but it still brings in at least 3 adsense clicks per day so it's a relatively easy way to get searched for content.

    Andy Bailey's last blog post..How To Successfully Interrupt A Conversation


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