A Nintendo Wii for Christmas

wii My step-son Johnathan doesn't know it yet, but we're getting a Nintendo Wii for Christmas. My wife just happened to be in GameStop one day, and they had two units behind the counter. Needless to say, she whipped out the debit card with a quickness.

So, why am I making this post, and taking the (very slight) risk that Johnathan might find out 10 days early?

Because David Peralty, at eXtra For Every Publisher is running a Contest to win a Wii related domain name that he estimates is worth a substantial sum of money.

I'd like to win.

I figure that with the Wii already sitting under the tree, I (or at the very least my kids) should have some insights to contribute to a site that may be developed using one of the two domains. (if I was to win).

And in addition, at the very least, this contest gave me something interesting to write about on a Saturday afternoon before I head off to my daughter Jordan's cheerleading event.


Hope you all are having a great weekend as well ... keep havin FuN!


  1. Hi Adam,

    It's probably a pretty safe bet he won't see it ... lol, unless he's looking over my shoulder right now. He's only 10, so most of the time if he's online at all, it's pretty much limited to Club Penguin.


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