My favorite ways of giving back

It's a well known fact that some of richest men and women in the world, are also among the most generous philanthropists.

What's not so well known is that many were very much into the habit of giving Before they were rich.

I think it's not at all unreasonable to say that learning to give is an important tenet of success.

So, in that spirit I want to take this opportunity to share some links to a few organizations that I choose to donate to. (click the images to visit their websites)

Two local charities that I donate to through the Combined Federal Campaign:

Yes, those telethons do work ...

The other day, my daughter and I heard this on the radio, and she wants to sponsor a child for Christmas:

(While I was on the website, Jordan walked into the room, so we decided to do our sponsorship now. We will be helping a 6 year old boy from Chile named Manuel. When we got the confirmation email, my daughter gave me a hug and said thank you daddy, I really wanted to do this. How cool is that?)


Finally ... if it's not to presumptuous of me, I'd also like to encourage you to add a few of your own favorite charitable organizations to this year's Holiday gift list.

Sound like a plan?

Keep havin FuN!


  1. Hey buddy, just wanted to say that I really like the new look! :)

    Shine on,

  2. Hi Todd, good looking layout...Like your charity promotion. I'm not a big giver, but all the ad income I do get goes to charities listed in my profile. Go Well!

  3. @Aaron, @Danny,

    Thanks guys ... I appreciate the feedback. Over the past few months, I've been on a bit of a theme kick. Seemed like I was changing every 10 days or so. Hopefully I can keep my eye from wandering and stick to this one for at least 6 months or so.

    And as far as the charities goes, it really doesn't matter how big a giver you are. Every little bit helps.


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