My favorite posts You probably didnt already read this week

Well, it's just about Sunday again. This week, I thought it might be fun to share links to a few blog posts that might not already be in your RSS reader (although you may end up adding them).

Enjoy ...

Steps for Reducing Stress - This is a subject I can relate to. Not sure why, but every once in a while, the stress-monster jumps up and bites me. This post gives some good common sense advice.

WAH Message board acronyms - This is one for the guys. I frequent a few work at home (moms) message boards. And really, I can recall several times that I was left scratching my head trying to figure out exactly what a DH is.

10 ways to generate mlm blog traffic - I've known Michael Lemm for several years now, and I actually learned a lot when I first started blogging from many of his message board posts. One of the good guys.

Twitter Guide - This is an excellent series of posts about twitter (which is something I'd like to learn how to use). If I had posted this link a few days ago, Caroline might have qualified as someone you weren't already reading. But, after Darren Rowse and Yaro Starak both wrote posts about her within a day of each other, I'm sure she's getting plenty of readers. But, I do still think you should check out the Twitter series.

Motivation-Exercise-Success - This is the second time I've linked to one of Mike's posts. I just find that his golf articles translate so well to those of us who run part-time home businesses. Give it a read and see if you agree.

Stress busters for fun and profit - A little more in-depth look at ways to slay the stress monster ... my sub-theme of the week.

How to keep your favorite blog in business - And finally some great tips that I (subtly) hope you may even choose to apply to the blog you're currently reading ;-)

Til next week ...



  1. Great post! Great tips, thanks! :)

  2. Thanks for the link back. I'll be sure to add you if I haven't already. :)

  3. Hi girls (and Mike) ... you're all very welcome ... I enjoy your blogs. ;-)


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