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lexbrodie's tiresI was listening to the radio in my car the other day on the way to work, when I heard and interesting phrase in a commercial. Lex Brodie is local tire dealer here in the Islands. The commercial started out as pretty standard fair ... the services they provide, and a few reasons why you should come see them. It was right at the end that they really caught my attention ...

They said, if you're looking for tires, shop around, then Call Us Last so we can explain why you should buy from us.

Now that's a business who's confident about what they have to offer.

How many marketers do you know that have That Kind of Confidence?

Many networkers I know (especially online) usually can't wait to get their offer in front of people. If you visit enough websites or blogs, you'll begin to see a trend ... you're either beat over the head with aggressive (and sometimes hillariously bad) sales copy. Or, you're presented with various options for allowing yourself (or at least your information) to be "captured".

This may work fine for information marketing, or direct sales.

But ...

Network marketing is Different.

If you're a network marketer, and you think that recruiting involves "closing the sale", I'm willing to bet that you're probably not recruiting many people. Or if you are, you most likely have a pretty high attrition rate within your group.

In network marketing, we don't close ...

Sponsoring someone into your business is the Beginning of the process, not the end.

This is why "Call Us Last" resonated so well with me.

A Successful part-time networker MUST have the confidence to let (and even encourage) their potential business parters to have a good look around ... then Call Me Last

Are you confident enough in the "tires" you're marketing to let your competition make the first pitch?

Till next time ...


  1. Congratulations on the server move and new site. I know how plexing it can be making a new move, just did it myself infact. Look forward to all you continue to post on.


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