Why leveraged income is the best kind

I read a lot of "make money online" blogs. I appreciate them all, as I have learned quite a bit about how to blog. But, when it comes to making money I almost feel a little sorry for some of them ...

Even "successful" bloggers who have hundreds or even thousands subscribers seem to be very proud of earning a couple hundred dollars from adsense.

Personally I just can't get my mind around the concept of getting paid only once to advertise somebody else's product???

One of my favorite things about network marketing is that even at times when I can't put in a lot of hours working my business (like most of this year, while I was in Iraq), I still have a couple hundred people who Are working to build a business ... and at the same time contributing to my own bottom line.

Essentially, I'm still getting paid now for work I did about 4 years ago.

... almost an ideal situation for a "part-time" networker.

If the only way I earned money was through advertising somebody else's programs, when the traffic to my blog/webpage stopped, my income would also stop.

What about you ... what are some of your favorite ways to earn money online?



  1. Hi Bush,

    Congrats on the upward trend. I do wonder though, as your blog grows, is it possible you'd make more money with targeted affiliate programs than adsense? For instance (when I clicked over to your page) on your current post about why you love blogging, the adsense block in the top left corner contains one relevant ad about creating a blog, the next one has the headline "Bush, Satan or Savior?", and then right below that is an ad for Sam Bush ringtones. It appears that adsense decided that in 66% of the of those ads your name is more relevant than your content. Just doesn't seem like a very efficient way to make money.



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