What kind of Leader are you?

"A true leader develops his/her follower's belief in themselves, rather than their belief in the leader"

What do you think about the above statement? ... is it a fair premise?

Especially in network marketing, it's quite easy to find what I like to call "celebrity leaders". You know, those who really enjoy the spotlight. In most cases, they're very effective at what they do best ... usually recruiting tons of people. But how effective are they as leaders?

Is it possible to develop a true "walk-away" income by convincing people who join my group how great I am?

... or might it be more effective to work harder on trying to educate them about how great They are (even if they don't know it yet)?

Just thinking out loud. What's your opinion?



  1. IMHO, it's always more effective to teach others how to build a business on their own. You get a faster growth rate and a more stable, ever-growing downline.

    Sure, big guns can build quickly, but if they don't teach their downline members to recruit successfully on their own, those members will quit and join something else...the OLE leapfrog syndrome.

    Tim Sales is a prime example of someone who does it the right way. He teaches people to build their organization successfully, and in turn, his grows exponentially. He doesn't have to depend on continually recruiting and re-recruiting on his own because he teaches his people how to build and how to believe in themselves.

    Bottom line, you're much better off recruiting 5 people and teaching them how to build their businesses successfully than you are recruiting 10,000 people who will never learn how to.

    Shine on,

  2. Hi Aaron,

    Oh yea, Tim Sales is great. I get his newsletters. Thought about signing up for his Professional Inviters program, but haven't really found the time to pull the trigger just yet.


  3. Yeah, I get his newsletters too. Always very informative. I love listening to the recorded calls as well. They're always very excellent. :)

    Btw, I actually have an entire category on Tim Sales that lists a lot of his stuff: http://www.aaroncook.com/search/label/Tim%20Sales

    Shine on,


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