Leadership in network marketing

A couple of weeks ago I made a post about Mark Yarnell. Well, tonight he was on my company's weekly training call talking to us about leadership.

Here are some of the notes I took ...

"A Leader is someone who consistently demonstrates what's possible"

  • Great Leaders are path finders

  • They make sacrifices, and take calculated risks

They understand ...

  • You can't motivate anyone

    • provide guidance, then get out of people's way

  • Leaders are not created, people with leadership potential are found

  • "Illusions of relevance" - losers are more concerned about what other people think of them, than they are about becoming successful

    • you can't manage other people's impressions

Leaders ...

  • Oversee their organization, but don't supervise

    • they are available, but don't pursue

  • Are pace setters, but not rulers

  • Are innovative, not analytical

  • Are pioneers, not settlers

  • Are creators, not critics

    • blaze the trail

The shift to Leadership is very minor and easy

  • slight changes can produce major results

A few more traits that leaders share ...

  • They don't control, they trust

  • Leaders are peaceful

  • They attract, not repel

  • They are excited

  • Demand authenticity ... no spin

  • Fearful, but never phobic ... verify

  • Self deprecating - never boastful

    • real leaders don't have to tell you how great they are ... actions speak

  • They'd rather be active millionaires than passive billionaires

This call was perfect timing for me. I'm just getting settled back in at home, and I'm ready to jump into my business with both feet again. I was actually just on Mark's website Holy Grail of Network Marketing and I'm ready to order the first volume in the training series.

See you at the top,


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