The Beach or the Soup Line?

I had a very productive evening the other night. Google blogsearch was nice enough to lead me to Mark Yarnell's blog. I've read a few of his books in the past, but a lot of his recent thoughts on this blog really resonated with me ...
If you are approached by anyone who suggests that you join a second program…run. I don’t care what they call it. You need to focus on one deal until you hit the big checks. If lead lists worked, your company would provide them for free. After all, everyone wants to earn big money so it’s very easy to find the names of such people. What you need to understand is how to build your own 30,000 person warm market.

and ...
Without a doubt. In fact, we can earn much more in today’s economic climate but we have to accept two facts. One, big money is about retailing and recruiting. Two, big money is about retailing and recruiting. When we got started in MLM there were no prospecting lists for sale, cell phones, computers, back office tracking systems, auto responders, blackberries or MLM trainers and coaches. There were no ghost writers or bestselling MLM “how-to” books. There were no MLM magazines or newsletters and no free telephone conference calls. In fact, there were no fax machines, CD’s or video players. Simply put, there were no magic formulas and no magic trainers. We recruited and we retailed our way to the top. Period. End of the story.

or this ...
Remember above all else, the reason for this iblog and my free Yarnell Sizzle Call is to empower Networkers. Why? Because we are the last hold outs in the effort to dumb-down America. We are grass roots capitalists who market products that people actually need. We promote ethics over profits, values over image and efficacy over hype. No sweatshops in MLM. No infantile ads. Just sustainable, accountable companies that harness the entrepreneurial spirit and compete against giant corporations who are dedicated to selling crap we don’t need and replacing the American Bald Eagle who fishes for salmon with a clown who sells sugar and grease.

When I get home, I'm going to order Mark's HolyGrail training series (not an affiliate link) ... I'll make a few posts later on my impressions.

Oh yea, about the title of this post. It's a free call that Mr Yarnell recorded and put online: click here. I found it very thought provoking.

Give it a listen, and let me know what you think ...


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