Golf and the Part-Time Networker

I've been playing golf since I was 8 years old. I love the game. Fortunately for me, golf is an excellent way to network ... whether it's a regular weekend foursome, or just showing up at the course and joining the next group off the tee.

Many of the same qualities and habits that can help you to improve and enjoy your golf game, can also be applied to growing your part-time home business ...

I recently subscribed to a new golf blog, and one of the first articles I read was Seven Habits of Highly Effective Golfers. In this article, Mr Pedersen describes seven strategies that he believes highly effective golfers use to improve their games:

  1. Focus on golf fundamentals

  2. Smart Practice

  3. Physical preparation

  4. Mental training

  5. Nutrition for prolonged energy

  6. Goal setting

  7. Golf swing analysis

Go give the article a read. Then, see if you can think of some ways that these same principles can also be applied to effective part-time networking.

Til next time ...
Todd 8-)


  1. Achieving a better golf swing takes practice coupled with good technique. The key to improving your golfing techniques is the quality of the game you play, not in the number of balls, or quantity, you hit. Concentrating more on the projection of the to improve your Golf Technique by the way of choosing a spot down the fairway.

  2. Mental training is definitely important and ofter overlooked. We must be able to see every shot going as we want it to prior to taking a swing.


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