Great Ways to generate Local Leads; time to STOP COMPLICATING NETWORK MARKETING!

Great thread posted yesterday over on I'm reposting it here (with proper credit), mainly so I can easily find it again once I get back home. You'd better believe that I intend to implement these simple common sense ideas ...thanks Mike, I appreciate you.
Hello Everyone!

I see a lot of people lately looking on how to generate local leads.

Not buying local leads, but actually generating them themselves. There are a lot of great ways but 2 of the best guys I have ever heard on "How to" generate Local leads are Calvert and Schreiter. Simply the best in my opinion. I have studied both of them and had the pleasure of working closely with both.

Schreiter has tons of stuff on Local Sponsoring on his fortunenow site. My Newly released CD series, "How to go from Minor League Networking to Major League Networking" devotes A LOT of time on how to generate local leads as well as the best way to maintain a database on how to continue earning cash from years to come. I interviewed Schreiter for an entire CD on it. We have to SHOW people how to do this. for the newbie, it's crucial.

I am sure I am not going to make any friends with some of the comments below but it's time SOMEBODY Said it!

The big problem I see in the "building" phase of MLM/Direct Sales is that people COMPLICATE IT. Re-Read that sentence.


I am all about simplicity, because that can be duplicated. Simplicity isn't always the easy way out, but it is the SIMPLEST way.

People are told crazy things by people on the internet and they BELIEVE IT because they are newbies or people who simply have been given the wrong direction in the past.

What we see a lot is predictable and unfortunate for the newbie in alot of cases. People like Sieg make me SICK on a lot of the information they promote to the unknowing or unsuccessful.

"Burn your name list, forget the meetings...etc. What a load of crap. Find me ONE company doing 500 Million a year in sales that doesn't hold events to create a culture or attempt to help the ones you love and care about with life changing products. To my knowledge, it doesn't EXIST!. Take that Ann! :)

People tend to take advantage of the newbie or networker who hasn't acheived the success they have desired. It's a sad thing.

It's time everyone stand up and tell people the truth. All these "generic" (Ya right, whatever! Generic! Hah!), Mentoring and Magnetic and Renegade systems have ONE main purpose.

Like it or not, it's to build a LARGE list so they can continue to market to them for THEMSELVES. Period. End of Story. I guess you could say it's Smart marketing on their part, but they are preying on the weak that do not know any better, telling them what they WANT to hear KNOWING it's not what is going to make them successful.

Makes me sick.

It is predictable, a newbie gets involved with a MLM Opportunity, they blow throw the people they know letting them know about their products and opportunity ….NOW WHAT?

How do you find more people to talk to? Unfortunately a great deal of newbie distributors start buying MLM leads from various lead companies because that's what they are told to do because their upline has no clue either.

This is the wrong move! MLM Lead companies at their BEST offer inconsistent leads. It's all about how you work them with posture and skills. There are some good lead companies out there, don't get me wrong, but for a newbie or someone struggling, it's not about that. It's about putting the odds of success in their favor.

How many factory workers, lawyers, doctors, teachers, school bus drives, college kids, need to spend their time on the phone working leads when it may kill them and their business!

Most people don't have thick skin. Starting to call cold leads could be a quick death to newbie distributors. Are you in it for long term or for the quick hit like Seig and others to just make a buck telling people BS ways to build? Let's take the high road folks.

Until you have Mastered How to create your own leads, why would you spend your hard earned money on leads? Why would we suggest our team do that as well? Does it really make sense?

Ask yourself this "how many new people on your team are THRIVING just calling leads?" If you do have a few, then ask this "How many on THEIR team are THRIVING with it?" If something isn't duplicated level after level after it worth promoting as "THE WAY" to your team?

Get them focused on generating leads in their local market first. Get them good at it. Great at it. Then generating leads on their own in other ways.

It's not as hard as it seems. Working in the local market is the best scenario when building in the beginning and for many the local market turns into a GLOBAL Market if you follow the proper system.

In the local arena You can create a "culture" around hanging out, going to dinner and actually bonding with people as real humans, not robots on the phone or the internet.

People CRAVE interaction whether you believe that or not. They need it. They Want it.

Provide it.

Now, I am not against MLM lead generation programs. That's not my point here. I was the Top distributor for a few years in a lead program. They have there place, after you have mastered how to create leads in your local market.

Sometimes the shortcuts lead to headaches. Take the proven way to success. Generate your own leads and teach that concept.

If this makes sense, let me share with you 7 Rules to follow when creating leads for Network Marketing distributors in your local market.

Rule #1
Set up a voicemail “Ad Box”. Some companies provide voice mail boxes for their distributors. If yours doesn’t look in your local yellow pages under voice mail. Or visit It's a free service and NOT an affiliate link. ALL of your advertising and promotion materials should have this phone number listed. This way you can contact all when you are focused and in control. The worst thing in the world is trying to communicate the benefits of a power business with babies screaming, dogs barking or other distraction going on in the background. When someone calls you up, your mind may not be focused in the way it should. You don't want to be caught off guard. You are in control when you call them back!

Rule #2
Leave the right message on your Ad Box. I have tested this many times over the years. This is absolutely undebatable. Your message should be short and simple to direct the prospect to leave their Name and Phone number (address, email..etc could be included)

Just get their information! I have found I have 30-40% MORE People leave their contact info with a short, sweet to the point message. Now I am in control when I call them back.

I know some leaders believe in 3 minute sizzle lines up front, or full blown conference calls. ANY THING YOU SAY ABOUT YOUR COMPANY, PRODUCT OR OPPORTUNITY AT THIS POINT ON THEIR INITIAL CALL TO THE VOICEMAIL WILL ONLY DECREASE the number of people that leave you there data! PERIOD!

Your goal is to collect contact info, not tell them anything about your products or opportunity when they first call your lead box.

Rule # 3
Blitz your Market. Now that you have your lead box set up properly you want to get your information into the market place EVERYWHERE! Blitz your market with promotional materials.


Drop Cards, also known as sizzle cards, every network marketer should be using these, you saw Bob Gallo's earlier on this forum and the results he is getting. USE THEM! The 100 Dollar Bill cards are great as well.

Bulletin Board Flyers: Every community has public bulletin boards where people are selling cars, giving away kittens, etc. You should have promotional flyers on every bulletin board within your community. IT’S FREE ADVERTISING! and doesn't take up much time. Take one hour a week and have a route you can hit up to replace the information. People are calling YOU from your efforts, not you bugging them.

LOCAL CABLE TV CLASSIFIEDS. Many communities have local scrolling classified ad sites. You will be shocked how cheaply you can advertise on these sites, check them out.

It's all about exposures!

You can also use:

* Local Newspaper Advertising
* Door Hangers. Pay a couple kids 20 Bucks to put up 1000 Door hangers on a upscale apartment complex or a middle to upper class subdivision. Leverage used!
* Trade Shows and Fall Festivals. My team has exploded with Trade Shows!!!! They are cheap and in front of 1000's of people.

And much much more. To learn 21 different ways to create leads in your local market you should check out Calverts "21 Ways to create local MLM leads"

It's a great course.

The bottom line is after you master lead generation in your local market you can duplicate these methods throughout your entire organization and everybody will be much better off with these types of promotions, instead of wasting money buying leads in the beginning.

Give your distributors the best chance to win. Don't let them buy into the hype of the "Mentor's, Magnetics or Renegades" of the world.

This industry was/is based on TRUTH.

Let's all work hard to keep it that way.

Have a "Major League" Day!

Mike Potillo

p.s. Credit given to calvert for portions of the post above



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