Apparently Im a good lead

Every couple of days I empty out my gmail Spam folder; which on a daily basis contains about 10 times as much mail as the folder which holds the messages I actually want to read. For some reason, today I decided to browse through the emails before sending them off the big cyber trashcan in the sky. The majority of it was for cheap Viagra, letters informing me that a dead Nigerian dicator has left me millions, and notifications that I've won the UK National Lottery (for like the 300th time this year). But, in amongst those were also a surprising (or maybe not so surprising) number of "legitimate pitches" for home bases businesses. They all included the obligatory phisical address and link to remove myself from their list; and many indicated that I had requested additional information from one of their "partner sites" ... me thinks my information somehow got on a leads list.

Now really, since I would have never seen these emails had I not chosen to browse through my Spam folder, I'm not all that bothered that they were sent in the first place. What I'm pondering though, is should I shoot off a quick note to some of the ones that look most legitimate (or maybe naive would be a better word), and let them know that the "lead" they quite possibly paid money for is sending their messages straight to his Spam folder? ... and I'm sure I'm not the only one on their list who does this.

I suppose this is one reason I've never been a big advocate of purchased leads ... in most cases you never really know where they came from ... or if they're even really expecting to hear from you.

Ok, this is probably where I should "pitch" you on the latest super secret way to find your own great leads that don't get sent straight to Spam folder ...

Sorry, not really my style.

But now that I've put the idea in your head, I don't want to leave you totally hanging ... my best advice would be to head over to Big Al's website and pick up a few of his timeless little books.

Well, that's all I've got for now ...

Keep havin FuN!


  1. A mission without a strategy is just a dream in my honest opinion


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