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Apparently Im a good lead

Every couple of days I empty out my gmail Spam folder; which on a daily basis contains about 10 times as much mail as the folder which holds the messages I actually want to read. For some reason, today I decided to browse through the emails before sending them off the big cyber trashcan in the sky. The majority of it was for cheap Viagra, letters informing me that a dead Nigerian dicator has left me millions, and notifications that I've won the UK National Lottery (for like the 300th time this year). But, in amongst those were also a surprising (or maybe not so surprising) number of "legitimate pitches" for home bases businesses. They all included the obligatory phisical address and link to remove myself from their list; and many indicated that I had requested additional information from one of their "partner sites" ... me thinks my information somehow got on a leads list. Now really, since I would have never seen these emails had I not chosen to browse thro

If Theres One Thing Ive Learned

So I was in the Rec center the other day, and there's a table of books that people send over here to Iraq. I picked one up, that I'm finding quite interesting. It's by a guy named James Green and it's call If There's One Thing I've Learned". The premise is a thought that I think we all have from time to time ... if only I knew then, what I know now. Mr Green spent a couple of years interviewing a number of people with a series of set questions basically revolving around the idea of "what would you do differently". It covers love, career, family, money, etc.. Each of the stories is just a page or two long, but each carries with it a message ... some more profound than others. For example, here was a one sentence story that I think many guys (and probably quite a few girls too) my age can relate to: "If I could do it all over again, I'd have gone out a lot more, but I'd have drank a lot less". I'm only about halfway throug

Great Ways to generate Local Leads; time to STOP COMPLICATING NETWORK MARKETING!

Great thread posted yesterday over on I'm reposting it here (with proper credit), mainly so I can easily find it again once I get back home. You'd better believe that I intend to implement these simple common sense ideas ...thanks Mike, I appreciate you. Hello Everyone! I see a lot of people lately looking on how to generate local leads. Not buying local leads, but actually generating them themselves. There are a lot of great ways but 2 of the best guys I have ever heard on "How to" generate Local leads are Calvert and Schreiter. Simply the best in my opinion. I have studied both of them and had the pleasure of working closely with both. Schreiter has tons of stuff on Local Sponsoring on his fortunenow site. My Newly released CD series, "How to go from Minor League Networking to Major League Networking" devotes A LOT of time on how to generate local leads as well as the best way to maintain a database on how to continue earning cash from years to c