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Getting Exactly what you ask for

... but not always in the exact ways you expected. A few years back, I signed up for the Tut Adventurer's Club , and started getting Notes from the Universe in my email box every day. I love the positive uplifting messages. But, that's not really the subject of this post ... When I first signed up, I had to fill out a profile, where it asked me to put in some pretty specific goals. Well, since I have a part-time business, making some extra money was certainly among my goals. So, here's what I asked for: 1) A large screen TV with a home theater system. 2) Pay off all my debts 3) Earn and extra $5200 a month It just hit me a couple of weeks ago, that without even realizing it, I've already gotten everything I asked for in that profile a couple of years ago ... - When I met my wife Ana last summer, one of the first changes she made in my life was declaring that my small little TV was just not gonna cut it. So off we went to the store, and quickly became the proud owner