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Defining Success

One of the more interesting challenges you may face is defining the meaning of the word SUCCESSFUL Here's what the dictionary says: suc·cess·ful adj. 1. Having a favorable outcome: a successful heart transplant. 2. Having obtained something desired or intended: was successful in stopping the leak of oil. 3. Having achieved wealth or eminence: a successful architect. For some odd reason, most people in general tend to focus on definition #3 ... show me the money! Don't misunderstand me; for most people, the reason they started a network marketing business in the first place is to earn money. So it stands to reason that wealth would be a perfectly adequate (and obvious) definition of success. However, check out those first two definitions. Having a favorable outcome and/or obtaining something desired or intended. Hmmm, based on those descriptions, do you think it might also be possible for success (as it relates to your business) to sometimes have to do with more than just the mo