5 Simple Steps to Network Marketing Success

Whether you're part-time or full-time, the short post below is the building blocks for everything else you'll do in building a successful home business. (at least in my humble opinion)

"Everything you need to know about how to DO network marketing can be learned in 30 minutes on a Saturday afternoon" ~ John Milton Fogg

Five simple steps:

  1. Use - Show me a successful network marketer, and I'll show you a person who uses their company's products or services ... even in the very beginning when the cost is "out of pocket".

  2. Share - Talk to People ... Simple Conversations are the best "tool" in your bag. Let people know about your products, your opportunity, and your "story" ... ask lots of questions, find out what their "story" is ... and whether or not they're looking for a change in the "plot".

  3. Sponsor - As you share your story, you'll find some people who are interested in doing what you do ... If you "connect" with them, ask them to join your business (it really is that simple). Just keep in mind that this is where your "job" really starts. Sponsoring is a commitment. Here's the cool part though ... your main "duty" is to be a good friend ...

  4. Teach - Help the people you sponsor learn how to follow the three steps above ... KEEP IT SIMPLE. Teach your people the steps ... Then, Teach them How to Teach the steps to their people. That's duplication.

  5. Grow - Network marketing has been described as personal growth with a pay plan. Make a committment to Read every day. Focus on SELF Improvement. And, use your sponsor as a "sounding board" ... grow together.

* Conact your sponsor for the specific implementation of these steps used by your company or team.



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