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Low threat marketing

Hi again, Let me start out this post by saying that I honestly believe there are a great variety of "correct" ways to find new people, and build a successful group in this industry. However, at this point in my life, my personal preference is that I just don't have a very strong desire to spend several hours a week talking to strangers on the phone. (who may or may not have requested "information") I do know plenty of people who are having great success with purchased leads though ... and if that sounds like your style, there are numerous resources around the web on how to work that method correctly. It's just not for me. So ... I'd like to share a few low-threat ways, that I've found to be effective, in attracting potential customers and business partners to You. (as opposed to you having to go find them) A couple of cautions upfront: 1) This method of building your business is NOT fast ... it requires patience and persistence. It's for people w

How to Network Effectively

Hi, The other day I was having an email conversation with my most successful downline partner. Since we've been working together, she's consistently brought new people into our business every month. The "amazing" things is, she doesn't have a fancy recruiting website or autoresponder program ... just a company website, an aol account, and a strong set of beliefs. You can read her email below. I've edited it very slightly for clarity, and blanked out a couple of names. I will highlight the sections that I think are particularly educational and add my comments in italics. I hope you enjoy, Now, here's my friend ... Before I get into how I met people in the past 4 years, let me say this. First, of all during my 10 years of networking before you introduced me to Mia Bella, I ALWAYS promoted the product before the business. I'm a believer in the product of the product. If the company is a good company with a good product, then the Comp Plan is secondary ..

5 Simple Steps to Network Marketing Success

Whether you're part-time or full-time, the short post below is the building blocks for everything else you'll do in building a successful home business. (at least in my humble opinion) "Everything you need to know about how to DO network marketing can be learned in 30 minutes on a Saturday afternoon" ~ John Milton Fogg Five simple steps: Use - Show me a successful network marketer, and I'll show you a person who uses their company's products or services ... even in the very beginning when the cost is "out of pocket". Share - Talk to People ... Simple Conversations are the best "tool" in your bag. Let people know about your products, your opportunity, and your "story" ... ask lots of questions, find out what their "story" is ... and whether or not they're looking for a change in the "plot". Sponsor - As you share your story, you'll find some people who are interested in doing what you do ... If y