Moved to Twitter

Nearly 3 weeks in to doing a new project 365, it occurred to me that nobody reads my blog anymore, so it makes much more sense to post the pictures on Twitter. If you happen to be one of the few people whodid see the first 20 posts, feel free to follow along over at

President Biden

I took a break from cleaning and organizing my room to watch history taking place. Not only has our 4-year national nightmare ended, but we start this new hopeful era with our first female vice president. #project365 day 20

A Trip To The Dentist

It was time for Joey to have her teeth cleaned. #project365 day19

Sweet Tooth

I do a pretty good job of controlling what's in the house down in San Antonio. It's a little more difficult when I'm up here visiting my daughters, and stuff like this is left out on the counter. lol, I may or may not have already had a piece of this pineapple upside down cake each of the past two days that I've been here. #project365 day 18

Let's Go To Walmart

"Hey dad can we come with you to Walmart, we just need to get a few things?" $50 later ... #project365 day 16

Lazy Saturday

As the girls get older, spending time together is often as simply defined as, at least we're all sitting on the same couch at the same time.  #project365 day 16

I Need To Get More Adventurous With My Cooking

I got this spice rack in December of 2019. It was supposed to be my white elephant gift for the exchange at work, but I ended up keeping it for myself instead. It just occurred to me more than a week later though that probably 3/4 of the jars of spice have never even been opened. I like to cook, but I tend to keep things in a fairly narrow range of dishes that I'm comfortable with. I do have a couple of cookbooks, and an entire folder in my Google bookmarks of different recipes. Perhaps I should make an effort to try some new ones a bit more often. #project365 day 15