Friday, March 1, 2013

How to Send a Totally Unique Birthday Card .. for Less than the Priceof a Store Bought one

It's my daughter Haley's 18th birthday in less than a week. According to her mom, she's really into Zebras lately. So I made her a card ...

Now I could have run down to the store, searched to find a birthday card with some sort of a zebra theme .. paid $3-$5 (if I actually found one) .. then hope I remember to get to the post office before her actual birthday. (I'm getting old, I forget to run those sort of errands sometimes).

But I didn't do that.

Instead, I simply sat down at the computer, opened up my Pixingo studio, uploaded the zebra picture (which I took during one of my trips to the zoo), and created a totally custom card .. including the inside (which I won't show you, 'cause it's private ;-)).

It cost me 75 cents ($1.50 for retail customers) + .46 postage for an 8.5 in x 5.5 in glossy flat card. It was printed in Arizona the same day I hit submit on the design, and is already in the mail on it's way to Virginia, where Haley lives.

Quicker, easier, more convenient, and less expensive than doing it the "old fashioned way".

I can't imagine ever buying a card at the store again.

... lol, unless of course I pull a "dumb Todd" trick, and just forget to make one until it's too late to mail. :-D

Keep havin Fun!

p.s. I also made a card for my friend Cille (who's birthday is the same day as Haley's), but she reads this blog, so I won't post a picture of that one.


  1. Todd,
    Come on...I want to read/see the "pivate" side of Haley's card :-D . Beautiful job you did on her card. I know she loves her Dad very much.
    Thanks for the card you made for me. I can't wait to see it. Let me put an elephant on mine, LOL..... :-D....just kidding as I always do.
    Since I don't have your Pixingo I had to send you a greeting e-card online. But you know this Pixingo sounds really good to do just as a customer or business. My mind is clicking fast on this one.
    Thanks for sharing.....and feel free to share the "private" side :-D !!
    Keep Pixingoing and having fun. We love getting good cards.

  2. Hi Cille,

    It's all good .. thanks in advance for the ecard. :-)

    lol, and yours in not an elephant.