Saturday, February 9, 2013

In Line at the Fort Hood Commissary

Why do they put the candy right next to the checkout line?

In line at the commissary

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We swung by one of Fort Hood's two commissaries on our way home from my work's Valentine's Day party. Just had to pick up a couple of things. So even though all three girls were with me, it was pretty smooth sailing. They were happy as we managed to get one of the carts with the steering wheels (apparently mommy has let them ride in this one before, buy not me).

The only minor "almost got in trouble" moments we had were right here at the end, waiting to get to the checkout. That entire row of candy and toys, you know that Jaiden wanted EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. :-D

... but she didn't get any. Primarily because she already had a bag of goodies in the car, from the party.

Speaking of the party, we're gonna make this a short post tonight, as I was the only one who brought a "real" camera to the party. Which means, I've got about 100 pictures to edit and post to the squadron's Facebook page. I'd better get started.

Keep havin FuN!


  1. It's surprising that you brought the real camera and not the other person. And yes they ride on that cart every time I go there with them

  2. Todd,
    "Why do they put candy right next to the check out line?" Go attract kids attendion and if they beg hard enough, parents will give in, LOL. I don't think I have been to many stores (grocery) that don't do this.
    Another cute picture of the kids having fun driving their own steering wheel cart. I bet they are thinking, "LOOK AT US DADDY", aren't we big girls wheeling and dealing in the store.
    Glad you had and the girls had fun at your Mom's Valentine Day Party. Wonder who was a "life of the party"?
    100 pictures to edit and post to the squadron’s Facebook page. Hope you are a fast editor and post fast.
    I'm off to see what's on TV so you can get busy. Have fun. Since I'm not on Facebook, I won't dare ask you to send them to me to look at.

  3. Wifey,

    Brittany wasn't there today. Ben was at Ft. Irwin last month, I think he just got back. If she'd have been there to take pictures, I could have just played with the kids :-)

  4. Actually Cille, I believe you can see the pictures even if you don't have a Facebook account (but you need to get one .. seriously).

  5. p.s. I wasn't planning to take pictures of the whole party. I just brought the camera to get my "picture of the day" ... but when Mrs. Hummel saw me walk in with it, she said she forgot hers, and asked if I'd take pictures and post them to the FB group.

  6. Hi Todd,
    Thanks for the post. Hope the storms have passed over and all is safe there. Please let me know.
    I've been saying for months or is it years that I am going to get a Facebook account, just haven't done it yet.
    Let me know if I can see the pictures you took and how to get to them to see them. Would love to see them.
    Thanks for all you do for me my friend.
    Your friend,

  7. Cille,

    If you click that link to Facebook in my comment above, you should be able to see the picture set from the Valentine's party .. even if you don't have a Facebook account.

  8. Hi Todd,
    I was able to take a look at all the pictures of the awesome, beautiful children. Looks like everyone had a great time.
    It was very well planned with lots of goodies for the kids and adults as well. Where were you, LOL. Was I blind or you weren't in the pictures? :)
    Thanks again for sharing.
    A friend indeed!

  9. Hi Todd,
    Awesome that you got pictures of the entire group to post on Facebiij. I know everyone was happy to see all the children and the fun they were having. Even though I don't know them except for yours and Ana"s children, it was fun to see everyone having fun,
    Aren't children a great gift from God!! :).
    Long time friend,

  10. P.S.: I do know how to spell, just hitting the wrong keys tonight. Guess I'm tired and it's bedtime. By the way, "Facebiij" is spelled "Facebook"! lol :)