Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Joey Turns One - Happy Birthday


Note: woops, looks like I jumped the gun a bit posting this video .. apparently it's still processing ... if you can't see it yet, please check back later .. sorry

Joey turned one year old today.

We'll be having a big party on Saturday, with all the neighbors, and even an out of town guest. But for today, it was just a few of us out on the front porch singing happy birthday. As is the 1st birthday tradition, Joey got some cake all to herself. Mommy, wouldn't agree to letting her have the whole cake, so it's fortunate that she bought this neat cake that was surrounded by cupcakes.

Joey, quite enjoyed herself ...

Keep havin FuN!

Til next time ...

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Apparently It's Nearly Impossible To Over-Cook A Hard Boiled Egg

As if I needed another reason to believe that the egg is an almost perfect food ...

So last night, I'm getting ready to boil the eggs that we were planning to color this morning. I find the nice big pot, fill it up almost to the top with water (this detail will become important later), turn on the burner, place the eggs in, head over to my computer, put on my headphones, and fire up a video on Amazon Prime.

... and in the process, Totally Forget About The Eggs !!!

Ana came home from a late night Wally World run about an hour later. It was at this point that I was "alerted" to my oversight. The water had boiled down from a full 5 1/2 quarts, to about an inch in the bottom of the pot. Amazingly, only one of the eggs had cracked, so I put em in a bowl and stuck em in the fridge.

We ended up coloring the eggs this morning .. the picture above is part of the result.

But then ...

Just for kicks, I decided to try one of the "75 minute" boiled eggs, just to see how bad it would be.

The shocking result ...

It tasted exactly like every other hard boiled egg I've every eaten!

Which led me to the conclusion that I expressed up there in the title of the post.

Yep, eggs are a near perfect food. ;-)


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Making A Recycle-Bot For Earth Day

recycle bot

One of Jasmine's school assignments this week was to make a Recycle Bot in celebration of Earth Day. As the resident dad, it fell to me to help her with her creation.

Upon finding the instructions, it turned out to be pretty easy, as there were only a few rules:

  1. Has to be made completely from recyclable material

  2. No Glass allowed (due to safety concerns)

  3. Can be Sitting or Standing, but no taller than 3 feet

  4. Can Not have any type of working electronics

  5. RecycleBot should be student created .. with "guidance" from parents

Here's how Jasmine made her's ...

  • The body is made from the box that she just got in the mail.

  • The eyes are the lids from Joey's baby food

  • The nose, mouth, and pretty much all the "joints" were made with "100mph tape" (I hope that's recyclable)

  • Water bottles for the arms

  • The wheels/feet were originally just going to be 2 diet dew cans, but then she added a long skinny Red Bull can for balance

  • Finally a couple of plastic bags for the hair

I like the way it turned out. And if I'd taken a better picture, you'd be able to see the huge smile on Jasmine's face too ... she's obviously proud of the job she did.

So what are you, or your kids doing to celebrate Earth Day this year?


Saturday, April 16, 2011

First Easter Egg Hunt For Baby Joey

Today, up at West Fort Hood where I work, we had our 3rd Weather Squadron Easter egg hunt. This was Joey's first easter egg hunt; and really the first one that Jaiden really understood what was going on too.

There really weren't many people there today, but that was actually a good thing. With only about a dozen kids vying for the available eggs, everyone ended up with more than enough. It was actually refreshing to go to a community easter egg hunt where no kids were getting pushed over as they run for the plastic eggs ... and the sad part is, some of the hunts I've been to before, it was the parents doing the pushing.

Anyhow, none of that today. I was all good fun. Lot's of candy, some good hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill, and hanging out with some cool people from work. Of course I had my camera with me. And of course I took some pictures ... of my kids .. and a few of the others in attendance. Hope you like em.

(hint: if you click on the first image, it will open a light-box and you will be able to scroll through all the pictures)

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