Monday, January 18, 2010

Martin Luther King Wall Mural


"As long as the mind is enslaved, the body can never be Free"

That's the quote from Dr. King, painted on a wall mural here at Ali AB, Iraq.

I told you I was going to get more pictures of some of the really cool painting on the walls around the base. Today's, was a really perfect coincidence. We drive our truck almost ever where around here. But there is also a pretty good bus system ... which I rode on a fair bit when I first got here. Well today, I needed to come back to my room a little bit early, so I left the truck for LT, and took the bus. Of course I had my camera with me. I didn't actually have a good plan for today's picture, but knowing that it's the MLK holiday, I had hoped to capture an appropriate image ...

Well, it just so happens, that when I got off the bus and started to cross the street, the picture you see above was right in front of me. I have not been on this particular street in about 2 months. I didn't remember that this mural about Martin Luther King was even there. What are the odds, that today of all days, I would decide to take the bus, and get off at the stop right across the street from this mural?

I guess I needed to see that mural. And I needed to share that quote.

Something to think about as you enjoy what's left of your long holiday weekend.


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  1. It's Really unbelievable to see the Martin Luther King Wall Mural in iraq. It's really an appreciating work. Thanks for sharing it.